Friday, November 6, 2009

Audition Video

After a series of auditions, I have cast my performers into two groups, dancers and models. This will allow me to showcase my design talent with the models and showcase the dancers’ talent in a performed movement piece.

This November I will be meeting with the dancers every Tuesday for rehearsals, which run more like workshops. Each week I will prepare new wearable pieces for the dancers to rehearse in and will present them with different scenarios and movement challenges. Each piece, scenario, and challenge is developed to achieve different types of movement. I will build the wearable pieces around what we accomplish in each rehearsal and continue towards completed costumes for December 1.

On December 3, Kendal Bogan will arrive from Seattle and complete the dancer group as the third member. She will work with us as a choreographer throughout November, watching copies of our rehearsal tapes every week. When she arrives in December she will have one dress rehearsal with the other dancers before our December 5 promo video shoot.

The promo video will serve as a preview for the show opening in April. The model group will not be involved in this video, only the dancer group.

Once I have the dancers’ costumes finalized, I will design five new garments for the model group. The models’ garments will reflect the movement of the dancers and be inspired by their costumes. To highlight my personal talents I will focus on designing experimental costumes and conceptual fashion design.