Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Little Self Reflection...

When I look back to fall 2008, when this project really started, it’s incredible to think about all the research that went into even getting the fashion department and the university to approve Metanoia as an independent study, much less the costumes and show themselves. It is very satisfying to be making all my ideas finally come to life.

I’m so excited to be nearing completion, and even though there is still so much that needs to be done, I’m confident in myself and my amazing team and know we will achieve everything we set out to do.

Currently, my focus is on finalizing the designs for the dancers’ costumes, experimenting with the embellishment techniques I plan to use on the white jersey, and working with the dancers to develop their routine and improve the accessories they will use.

Photo Shoot - East and West Coast - Coming Soon

Once the dancers’ costumes are complete there will be a photo shoot in Syracuse with Erin and Marie Claire, and another in Seattle, where our choreographer Kendal is currently living.

The photos will be used by our graphic designer, Erika Bilbo, for the Metanoia booklet and promotional poster series. I have been working with Erika a lot lately, going over design ideas and planning for the photo shoot.

While the pressure is on to have the costumes finished for the shoot, it is helpful to have a deadline other than the premier to work towards. The photo shoot will also be a good opportunity for me to see my costumes in action and see what alterations I may want to make before the performance.

Final Costume (re)Designs

January 2010

I focused my first month back on pattern making for the new costume designs. In addition to the original patterns used for the costumes in the promo video, I plan to make 2-3 different costumes for the dancers. Each costume will be specifically designed to complement the specific accessory – each described in detail here – it is worn with and the purpose that accessory serves.

If you remember back in December, my designs for the promo video were forced to be reevaluated because of a time crunch. I have already revised the pattern for the original bodysuit the dancers wore in December, and plan to use January and February to make all the things I wish I had been able to earlier.

NYC (again)

Shortly after returning to Syracuse I had to make a trip to New York City one more time to buy fabric for the final costumes. I had done a lot of work while in Florida and had a pretty solid idea of what I needed, so this should be my last trip.

While there I had the opportunity to see
Fuerza Bruta (photo above). It was an incredibly inspirational performance and was the perfect thing to jump start my return to Syracuse and working on the project.

Back to Work

So, it’s been a while since the last project update and a lot has been happening.

Following my time in Florida I moved myself back up to Syracuse and dove into all things Metanoia. The bulk of my first week back was spent tackling production tasks. I had meetings with various people to secure my dates for the Case Supply Building, where Metanoia will premier on April 24, and then for the gallery show at XL Projects.

I am very happy, and slightly relieved, to report that everything went well with those meetings. As you can see, the show dates have all been posted on the blog, and I will be sure to remind everyone when we get closer.