Thursday, January 7, 2010

Accessories: Design and Purpose

November 30, 2009

The following is a breakdown of the three accessories I created for the dancers to wear in the promo video.

Two Person Leather Belt aka “The Counter Balance Harness”
The idea for this harness originated from the group auditions held at the beginning of last semester. I had Mary Claire and Erin both wear a harness that connected them to each other with two ropes, each about eight yards long. The purpose of the harness was to constrict the dancers’ movements. Each was forced to respond to every shift in weight experienced by the other. The “Counter Balance Harness” took on a life of its own when I re-designed it with a focus on what the dancers needed to move freely and comfortably. Together, Mary Claire, Erin, and I decided to use leather, as it provided enough structure, flexibility, and stability. This harness became our favorite dance accessory because of the sense of freedom and experimental ability it provided for the dancers.

Three Person Belt
The choice to design a three person belt was an obvious one once we started working on the two person belt. Having three people in belts allows for two dancers to stabilize one dancer as they perform. More weight can be supported with this belt, therefore allowing the performer to conquer more extreme poses and angles.

Fabric Circles
The fabric circle was introduced to the dancers during our last rehearsal. We are still working on mastering the incorporation of this into our performance, but we were attracted to it for the promo video because it provided even more freedom than the harnesses to the dancers. It also doubles as a garment when not in use. The dancers loved experimenting with the fabric circle. It helped them develop more expressive movements than they had with the harnesses. For me, this accessory embodies a more free form version of the harness.

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