Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo Shoot

The days seem to be rushing by so quickly! I have been working nonstop on costume construction and getting everything prepared for the show. I'm finishing up the final costume for the last set and am ready to start working on the models' costumes.

The other week I organized a photo shoot for the dancers. We needed photos to use in the promotional materials for the event, which are being designed by Erika Bilbo and will be ready soon.

The photo shoot was held in the Schaffer Lighting Studio with Scott Peters as our photographer, assisted by Justin Gurevitch. Holly Piselli came back in to coordinate all the girls' makeup and Tiffany Dewald, who I had never worked with before, came in to do their hair.

Holly tried a lot of new techniques this time and it went great. Everyone was very pleased with her work. I was also extremely impressed with Tiffany's work on the hair styles.

Despite a hectic shoot schedule, with three separate segments, we made it happen and it was a huge success.

Moving forward from the photo shoot I am focusing on bringing all the looks together and preparing for the show. Invitations will be in the mail soon!

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