Monday, October 12, 2009

Compiling Concepts

In November 2008, I proposed the idea of having my own show to the fashion department. By the end of my fall 2008 semester it was approved and became a reality. Leaving Syracuse that December was so exciting for me – I was taking the spring 2009 semester off to begin work on my thesis and travel. From December 16 until June 6 I traveled around the country visiting family and friends, working for a band on their national tour, and enjoying the end of spring in Philadelphia. From June 6 until August 22 I lived full time in Philadelphia, interning for the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the costume and textiles department.

Even though I was busy traveling and working during my 8 months off, I was continuously developing concepts for my show. My experiences during those months directly influenced my brainstorming and designing process. As May came to an end I compiled all the work I had done into a proposal booklet. I wanted this booklet to serve as a communication tool for me to use with my professors and fellow students who I wanted to involved in my project. Having a booklet to present my ideas was the best way to display the months I spent collecting ideas and designs. I used this booklet to speak with my mentor, Olivia Robinson, Dean of VPA Anne Clark, gallery Coordinator Andrew Havenhand, my fashion professor Jeff Mayer, my production manager Tim Westbrook, and many of my peers. This booklet was a helpful tool for me in working out my ideas and pitching my project.

Click link to download PDF of proposal booklet.

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