Monday, October 12, 2009

Gallery 'XL Projects' Confirms for April 2010 Opening

XL Projects opened during the spring of 2009 and is Syracuse University’s newest art exhibition space. Andrew Havenhand is on the board of XL Projects and coordinates the exhibition calendar. Olivia suggested that I submit a proposal to have Metanoia open at the gallery. I first contacted Andrew in June to inquire about space availability. After emailing throughout the summer, we finally met at XL Projects on September 3. I showed him my proposal booklet and pitched the project to him. He was very excited.

At the end of September I got confirmation from Andrew that Metanoia will have it’s opening at XL Projects in April (exact date still being determined). Metanoia will be the first fashion/performance show at XL Projects. It’s a great space and its central location in Armory Square is perfect for the opening show.

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